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cmos omnivision 6946

Video of 100 dollar bill taken with OV6946 160k CMOS camera module from 25 mm to 3 mm

We are pleased to announce the OV6946 micro-camera module system. The outline drawing with part numbers is 8368-930.

CMOS 6946           CMOS 6946           CMOS 6946

Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. has developed a distal end camera module with an outside diameter of 1.6 mm and a depth of field from 3-50 mm utilizing OmniVision's new OV6946 CameraChip™ sensor with 160K pixel resolution. The Company's lens cell is available as a stand-alone sub-assembly or can be customized by Precision Optics to meet unique specifications of its customers' needs and incorporated into the design of re-sterilized or single-use medical devices.

The Company has partnered with OmniVision ( and Fujikura Ltd. ( in the development of this latest CMOS sensor based camera module. OmniVision developed and produces the OV6946 CameraChip™, Fujikura Ltd. assembles the flexible printed circuit technology, and Precision Optics designs, manufactures and assembles the lens system to the CMOS sensor to form the camera module to meet its customers' specific needs. Precision Optics offers further design and engineering services to assist its customers in the development of their medical device instruments, including complete re-usable or single-use visualization and illumination systems incorporating various proprietary optical technologies.