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cmos omnivision 6948

Video of 100 dollar bill taken with OV6948 40K CMOS Camera module from 3 to 25 mm COMING SOON


We are pleased to announce the OV6948 micro-camera module system and camera modules This image of a $20 bill was taken with the first POC/OV6948 camera.

Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. has developed and fabricated a series of Micro-Precision lens systems designed to be specifically incorporated with the new OmniVision OV6948 ultra-small image sensor. As a result, POC offers line of camera assemblies and systems built on the OV6948 sensor in a package with an outside diameter of 1.0 mm and a rigid length of 4 mm. These cameras have a depth of field of 3 to 50 mm and offer a corner to corner field of view of 76°, 90° or 103° in air. The OV6948 image sensor measures in at only 0.58 x 0.58 mm and the POC lenses fit within that cross-section. The 1.0 mm diameter stainless steel sleeve protects the lens and sensor assembly. Illumination fiber can be incorporated into assemblies at slightly larger diameters. POC offers a standard configuration and happily works with custom requirements for specific applications.

These Micro-Precision lens assemblies coupled with the 40K pixel OV6948 sensor from OmniVision enable new applications for small outer diameter, high-quality endoscopes. These newest lenses have been designed for volume manufacture at price-points below typical all-glass assemblies.