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Endoscopes & Couplers


As medical imaging endoscopes diminished in size, the requirements for endocouplers became increasingly demanding. With over 25 years experience in the designing and manufacturing of specialty endocouplers which includes over 13 years experience with micro endocouplers designed to interface with endoscopes less than 2 mm in diameter, Precision Optics is uniquely qualified to accommodate the next generation of micro imaging systems.

  • Ability to image fiber endoscopes 1mm or smaller
  • Focusable or fixed focus
  • Direct visualization by eye or connection to video camera
  • B eye cup or C mount adapter
  • Standard or custom magnification
  • Custom design available for any application
  • Sterilization methods can be designed to customer specification

Download Precision Optics' Micro Coupler brochure (51K PDF)

Contact us for custom designs.