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Micro-Assembly Services

Micro-Assembly Services

Precision Optics Corporation has been contract manufacturing OEM optics components and assemblies for over 30 years. Our micro optical, micro mechanical, and electro optical assembly services utilize our specialized techniques, tools and fixtures to assemble components in the range of 1 millimeter and smaller. We fabricate and assemble components, sub-assemblies and complete endoscopic instruments.

Contact us for an evaluation of how our design validation and OEM micro assembly services could serve your immediate needs.

Micro Assembly 3

POC's Micro Assembly Services

  • Proprietary know-how and techniques in micro assembly
  • Fully developed micro mechanical and electro optical assembly processes
  • Advanced micro manufacturing equipment
  • Micro manufacturing inspection and testing
  • ISO, FDA, MDD compliant and lot control traceability
  • Reduced development costs and time to market
  • Increased yields and margins
Download Precision Optics' Micro Optics for Micro Assembly brochure (1878K PDF)

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