Custom CMOS Camera Manufacturing

With our CMOS endoscope capabilities, Precision Optics Corporation can manufacture a custom vision system as an extension of your existing Precision Optics’ CMOS camera subassembly.

Our camera subassembly design and manufacturing incorporates our OmniVision OV6946, OV6930, and OV6948 CMOS sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a CMOS sensor based camera the right fit for my scope?

CMOS cameras offer some advantages to traditional broad lens-based rigid scopes or coherent fiber bundle flexible scopes, in that CMOS is:
  • High image quality
  • Low cost
  • Flexible, articulating endoscopic package
In many cases, it offers a better resolution than coherent fiber bundled image guides. A CMOS sensor on the distal end (ie, chip on tip), can reduce the number of lenses required, but it is difficult to package into the smallest sizes (most broadly, under 1mm). CMOS, however, can provide a very good image quality for rigid endoscopes, and should be included in early design considerations for nearly any type of endoscope.

Is a wafer level optic appropriate for my CMOS endoscope?

Wafer level lenses can provide good imaging solutions with the lowest possible cost. However, the NRE associated with custom specifications only makes sense at the highest volumes—in some cases, 100s of thousands or millions per year.

In cases that require custom specs or the absolute highest image quality, a custom lens design for molded or fabricated micro optics using Precision Optics Corporation’s proprietary micro lens technology may be a better solution.

What CMOS sensors are available for endoscopic use?

Precision Optics works with many CMOS sensors, standard and custom. The broadest range of CMOS sensors are offered by our partner OmniVision. For most applications, we are able to use an off-the-shelf sensor supplied by OmniVision for a cost-effective solution for our customers.

Can CMOS sensor based endoscopes be manufactured at a low enough price point to support single use?

It is possible to design CMOS cameras for single use. However, the ability to achieve required price points depends upon:

  • Specifications
  • Medical discipline
  • Complexity of scope
  • Design/manufacturing capabilities

Early involvement of design and manufacturing experts is critical to ensure a design that is manufacturable at the performance and price point required. Contact us to discuss your needs.

How small can you make a CMOS camera?

The smallest CMOS sensors available for incorporation into a camera are currently 0.58mm square, and can be designed into a camera 1mm in diameter.

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