Micro Couplers

As medical imaging endoscopes diminished in size, the requirements for endocouplers became increasingly demanding. Precision Optics has been meeting these demands for more than 35 years, designing and manufacturing specialty endocouplers and micro couplers made to interface with endoscopes less than 2 mm in diameter. POC is uniquely qualified to accommodate the next generation of micro imaging systems.

We design and manufacture micro lens systems with diameters as small as 370 microns and fiberscopes ranging in diameter from 0.5 mm to 2 mm. Precision Optics also provides 10k and 30k micro coupler lens cell assemblies for integration into a custom imaging system. Our 10k and 30k micro couplers magnify the fiberscope image onto a standard C-mount camera. 

Slightly more or less magnification may be achieved by varying the distance from lens to camera face in your design. POC can assist you in determining the optimal distances from the fiber bundle to the lens and from the lens to the camera.

Benefits of POC Endocouplers

  • Ability to image fiber endoscopes 1 mm or smaller
  • Focusable or fixed focus
  • 10x magnification with 10k micro coupler
  • 4.6x magnification with 30k micro coupler
  • Direct visualization by eye or connection to video camera
  • B eye cup or C-mount adapter
  • Standard or custom magnification
  • Custom design available for any application
  • Sterilization methods can be designed to customer specification

Standard & Custom Endocouplers

Zoom Coupler

20-37 mm focal length 17.5 mm & 19.5 mm chip to flange

950 Video Coupler

20-35 mm focal length

30K Micro Coupler

4.6X magnification

10K Micro Coupler

10X magnification

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