Design & Prototype

From the start, Precision Optics has been involved in the advancement of optical system design. Our engineers, design teams, and scientists have specialized training in optics as well as decades of experience in the development and production of advanced optical systems.

We have extensive experience in multi-disciplined design and development requiring an in-depth knowledge of mechanical, environmental, electro-optical, electrical, and optical thin film engineering. Our experts are skilled in design synthesis and utilize advanced computer resources for design and analysis.

Our practice of design for manufacturability provides a comprehensive approach to optical engineering, ensuring a final product that fits your needs from the start.

The Precision Optics' Advantage

Experience makes the difference. We work with your team to deliver designs and prototypes to your exacting standards and on your timeline. With our knowledge of manufacturing techniques and processes and design teams working side by side with fabricators, you can be sure that the design for your opto-mechanical system will be maximized for efficient and scalable manufacturing.

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