Markets and Applications

Innovation in photonics is changing the way we approach many life-saving technologies. Precision Optics has provided design and manufacturing of optical components and assemblies to break-through programs in Medical Device and Defense since 1982.

From night vision goggles that improve soldier safety, to custom endoscopes for Intuitive’s da Vinci robotic surgery system to reduce patient complications, Precision Optics partners with early pioneers committed to true innovation.  

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It’s never too early: conversations with our optical design and engineering team, even in phase zero of your product design, can open up new avenues and ensure the highest-performing and most cost-effective optical system.


Precision Optics is an early pioneer and constant innovator in custom and standard endoscopes for minimally invasive procedures. Learn more about our optical system design for medical device.


Precision Optics specializes in micro-optics to lightweight systems and optimize SWaP-C for critical defense and aerospace programs.

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