Innovative Optics
for Innovative Surgeries

At Precision Optics, our engineers work with you to design, prototype, and manufacture custom products. We’ll collaborate with you to develop an endoscope that’s designed to your specific needs and hits your standards.

Our previous experience in specialty endoscopes range from rigid arthroscopes and sinuscopes to laparoscopes, flexible neuroscopes, colonoscopes, and GI scopes, and include novel technologies that enable micro endoscopes and 3D endoscopes. Successful programs we have supported include:

  • 8 mm, 10 mm, & 12 mm stereo endoscope
  • Vein harvesting scope  
  • Micro cardiovascular scope

Visit our Innovation page for other recent projects.

The Precision Optics Advantage

Our micro optics technology is ideally suited for advanced endoscopy products, such as curved endoscopes, neuro-endoscopes, needle scopes, and ductoscopes.

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