As endoscopic visualization moves to higher resolution and higher definition imaging systems, endoscope couplers require greater quality and flexibility to ensure flawless imagery with a range of systems.

As the leading company in surgical imaging couplers design, Precision Optics Corporation has the expertise and know-how that comes with over 35 years of manufacturing experience.

Benefits of Precision Optics' Couplers

  • Standard and custom endocouplers available
  • Validated sterilization methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas (ETO), 2.4% Glutaraldehyde. Zoom coupler and 950 video coupler also validated for STERRAD 100S sterilization
  • Compatible with 1/4″, 1/3″, and 1/2″ CCD cameras—20 mm to 35 mm focal length
  • C-mount camera interface
  • Patented clip quick release with locking thumb screw

Standard & Custom Endocouplers

Zoom Coupler

20-37 mm focal length 17.5 mm & 19.5 mm chip to flange

950 Video Coupler

20-35 mm focal length

30K Micro Coupler

4.6X magnification

10K Micro Coupler

10X magnification

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