Micro Prisms

Manufacturing micro prisms requires special capabilities and unique skills. At Precision Optics Corporation, we can manufacture prisms as small as 0.10 mm in virtually all the designs and configurations that are possible with larger size prisms. Our unique access to technical knowledge and proprietary technologies enables us to design and manufacture all shapes, sizes, and styles of prisms—in a cost-effective manner that fits customers’ budgets. 

We carry select sizes of three primary prisms:

Right-Angle Prism (45-45-90)

Used to reflect image paths or redirect light at 90°, right-angle prisms use a single reflection to invert images. Right-angle prisms can be used in combination for image/beam displacement.

Dove Prism

Shaped from a truncated right-angle prism, dove prisms are used to invert an image.

Penta Prism

A five-sided reflecting prism used to bend image paths or deviate a beam of light by 90° without inverting it as an ordinary right-angle prism or mirror would.

If your project demands a more complex prism, our team at Precision Optics welcomes the challenge of solving your design needs.

Standard Right-Angle Prisms

We stock select prism designs to make the order and delivery process fast and efficient. Custom micro prisms are available to suit your requirements.

BK7 Right-Angle Prism
Leg Length and Width
Catalog Item Number
0.10 mm
0.18 mm
0.25 mm
0.30 mm
0.50 mm
0.70 mm
1.0 mm

# -X = No coating
# -1 = Aluminum coating on hypotenuse

Micro Prism Capabilities:

Need a micro prism for your project?