Micro-Optics and Components

High-Precision Design & Manufacturing

Partnering with Precision Optics Corporation for your micro optics and components ensures a quality standard that your program demands. Our vertically integrated US-based facility can ensure high-precision and scalable design and manufacturing for ITAR- and FDA-registered micro-optic assemblies. We work closely with your team to quickly and effectively find the best solution to your micro-optics design needs.

Rethinking the Physics of Micro-Optics

From design and fabrication to coating, new approaches to micro-optics are needed to meet changing size and performance requirements for advanced systems.

Using advanced proprietary micro-precision™ technology, our Precision Optics team’s expertise in design and production covers a multitude of capabilities needed to produce micro lensesmicro prisms, and other micro components.

Complex Multi-Element Micro Prisms

Precision Optics Corporation has been a key contributor to a range of defense programs, providing complex multi-element micro prisms with multiple custom angles in an opto-mechanical assembly. From concept to prototype to volume production, this micro-optical assembly is fabricated and assembled in our US-based ITAR-registered facility. Every optical and mechanical property is 100% inspected, ensuring reliability and performance.

Precision Optics specializes in micro prisms from sub-millimeter to approximately 3 mm in complex assemblies.

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