Illumination Systems

Any medical procedure within the body requires proper illumination, and the move to minimally invasive surgery increases the challenge of delivering light where it’s needed. There are many approaches, depending on technique and technology. Precision Optics Corporation has the expertise to help you determine, design, and manufacture the right illumination system for your medical device application. 

Light Sources for Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Precision Optics has designed and manufactured illumination systems including: 

  • Ring & blade illumination for spinal surgery
  • LED and fiber illumination for endoscopy
  • Illumination system for photodynamic therapy

We can help you to determine the right approach to delivering light where it’s needed—and only where it’s needed—addressing challenges like: 

  • Proper spectral characteristics
  • Geometries that eliminate shadowing associated with the procedure
  • Sterilizability
  • Heat management at distal end of scope

From design to volume production, we have the expertise and systems in place to meet FDA regulations and speed your time to market. 

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