Micro Endoscopes

Standard or Custom

Using our micro-precision™ lens technology, Precision Optics Corporation has collaborated on the development of micro-camera module systems and camera modules that set the stage for advancements in minimally-invasive surgeries.

Our skilled team of engineers and scientists works with your team to produce a best-fit solution for your application. Capabilities of the Precision Optics team include: 

CMOS Sensor-Based Distal End Camera: OV6946

Utilizing OmniVision’s new OV6946 CameraChip™ sensor with 160K pixel resolution, Precision Optics developed a distal end camera module with an outside diameter of 1.6 mm and a depth of field from 3-50 mm. The CMOS sensor-based lens cell can be a stand-alone sub-assembly or customized to meet unique specifications in the design of re-sterilized or single-use medical devices, such as visualization and illumination systems using various optical technologies.

Micro-Camera Module System: OV6948

Precision Optics Corporation and OmniVision partnered to develop a micro-camera module system and camera modules — the OV6948 ultra-small image sensor. Precision Optics developed and fabricated a series of micro-precision lens systems specifically for the OmniVision OV6948.

Precision Optics offers a line of camera assemblies and systems built on the OV6948 sensor with features including:

  • Packaged with an outside diameter of 1.0 mm and a rigid length of 4 mm
  • A depth of field of 3 to 50 mm
  • Corner-to-corner field of view of 76°, 90°, or 103° in air
  • Lenses fit to the OV6948’s 0.58×0.58 mm cross-section
  • 0 mm diameter stainless steel sleeve to protect the lens and sensor assembly
  • Illumination fiber incorporated in assemblies with slightly larger diameters

We offer a standard configuration and happily work with custom requirements for specific applications. These micro-precision lens assemblies, coupled with the 40K pixel OV6948 sensor, enable new applications for small outer diameter, high-quality endoscopes. The lenses have been designed for volume manufacture at price points below typical all-glass assemblies.

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