Demands in micro-optics are becoming increasingly challenging as new approaches are needed to meet size and performance requirements for innovative systems. Precision Optics Corporation has mastered the design and production capabilities needed to produce lenses and prisms in sub-millimeter sizes. Our advanced proprietary micro-precision™ technology is founded on a fundamentally different approach to optical design, considering such factors as:
  • Chip size as a percent of aperture requirement
  • Centration and lens alignment—the radius of curvature
  • Interplay between optical and mechanical design

As designs move from larger optics to micro-optics, the impact to the optical design is non-linear, requiring a fresh approach and proven techniques that help us arrive at the ideal solution faster.

The Precision Optics Advantage

All of our micro optics are developed with the quality of ground lenses approaching the cost of wafer-level lenses. With in-house optical fabrication, flexible manufacturing, and a staff of expert optical designers and technicians, we can manufacture cost-effectively in prototype, low, and high volumes.

Technical Data
  • 0.10 mm micro prisms
  • 0.37 mm diameters on micro lenses

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