Fiber Optic Assemblies

Coherent fiber bundles, or image guides, continue to be the technology of choice for flexible endoscopes <1 mm. Precision Optics Corporation is an early pioneer in the field of fiber optic assemblies, and is currently designing and fabricating illuminated endoscopes as small as .5 mm in diameter. 

CMOS or Fiber Optics?

The right choice for your system requirements

While image guides or coherent fiber bundles, whether fused or leached, have long been the technology of choice for medical applications demanding flexibility and ever-smaller diameters, CMOS sensors now offer higher resolution, lower cost, and a match in flexibility. 

Our experienced design and fabrication team can help to determine the right choice for your medical device application. 

For applications like colonoscopes, upper GI scopes, ureteroscopes, or nasopharyngoscopes, with target diameters as large as 12 mm, a CMOS or coherent leached fiber bundle may provide the highest resolution. 

For neuro endoscopy, cardiac and bronchial endoscopy, with demands for diameters under 1 mm, a fused fiber bundle assembly may best meet size and performance demands. 

What’s the right fit for your application? Let’s find out.  

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