Micro Endoscopes

Big Advances Require the Smallest Packages

Using our micro-precision™ lens technology, Precision Optics Corporation has collaborated on the development of micro-camera module systems and camera modules that set the stage for advancements in minimally-invasive surgeries.

Precision Optics has designed and manufactured endoscopes as small as .5 mm with illumination and has the expertise to develop micro endoscopes for neuroendoscopy, cardiac endoscopy, and bronchial endoscopy, allowing access to parts of the body that have been inaccessible to date.

CMOS Sensor-Based Distal End Camera: OV6946

Utilizing OmniVision’s new OV6946 CameraChip™ sensor with 160K pixel resolution, Precision Optics developed a distal end camera module with an outside diameter of 1.6 mm and a depth of field from 3-50 mm. The CMOS sensor-based lens cell can be a stand-alone subassembly or customized to meet unique specifications in the design of re-sterilized or single-use medical devices, such as visualization and illumination systems using various optical technologies.

Micro-Camera Module System: OV6948

Precision Optics Corporation and OmniVision partnered to develop a micro-camera module system and camera modules—OV6948 ultra-small image sensor. Precision Optics developed and fabricated a series of micro-precision lens systems specifically for the OmniVision OV6948.

Precision Optics offers a line of camera assemblies and systems built on the OV6948 sensor with features including:

  • Packaged with an outside diameter of 1.0 mm and a rigid length of 4 mm
  • A depth of field of 3 to 50 mm
  • Corner-to-corner field of view of 76°, 90°, or 103° in air
  • Lenses fit to the OV6948’s 0.58×0.58 mm cross-section
  • 0 mm diameter stainless steel sleeve to protect the lens and sensor assembly
  • Illumination fiber incorporated in assemblies with slightly larger diameters

We offer a standard configuration and happily work with custom requirements for specific applications. These micro-precision lens assemblies, coupled with the 40K pixel OV6948 sensor, enable new applications for small outer diameter, high-quality endoscopes. The lenses have been designed for volume manufacture at price points below typical all-glass assemblies.

We've manufactured endoscopes as small as .5mm with illumination. 

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