Prism Design

As with all the optics and optical systems designed and fabricated by our in-house team, Precision Optics Corporation specializes in micro and complex prisms, particularly:

  • Challenging geometries
  • Multiple elements embedded within a prism
  • Coatings on internal surfaces of micro prisms

We work with the customer to determine a feasible design to match the system’s performance, size, and cost requirements.

Micro Prism Design

Driving Demand in Medical Device and Defense

Prisms have long been used in imaging and light beam redirection, and Precision Optics is able to achieve the same complex geometries and constructs in micro prisms as demand increases for ever-smaller, lighter-weight systems.

Achievable tolerances for micro prisms:

  • Angles <2 arc minutes
  • Dimensions +/- .025 mm
  • Surface Quality of 10/5

Challenged with lightweighting systems or reducing SWaP (size, weight, and power)? Precision Optics can achieve similar constructs and complexity in micro prisms.

Discuss Your Prism Design Requirements