Defense & Aerospace

Precision Optics Corporation is a proven supply chain partner to the Department of Defense, and was the recipient of the Federal Government’s prestigious Small Business Subcontractor of the Year award for outstanding quality and performance in designing and supplying critical, time-sensitive optical systems for night vision goggles used in the First Gulf War. 

Precision Optics continues to innovate in micro-optics, providing beam shaping and illumination for a range of defense applications, with optical lenses down to 0.37 mm. When size and weight are critical to mission success, Precision Optics’ engineering and fully integrated US-based manufacturing can meet challenging program requirements.

The POC Advantage

  • ITAR registered
  • Custom prisms as small as 0.10 mm
  • Custom lenses as small as 0.37 mm
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Proprietary technology for manufacture of high precision in high volumes
  • Staff of highly trained and qualified engineers and scientists stand ready to assist you

We offer a range of micro-optic components and systems, such as:

Micro Lens Systems (as small as 0.37 mm)

Right-Angle Prisms (as small as 0.10 mm H/W)

Dove Prisms

Penta Prisms

Complex Multi-Element Micro Prisms

Precision Optics Corporation has been a key contributor to a range of defense programs, providing complex multi-element micro prisms with multiple custom angles in an opto-mechanical assembly. From concept to prototype to volume production, this micro-optical assembly is fabricated and assembled in our US-based ITAR-registered facility. Every optical and mechanical property is 100% inspected, ensuring reliability and performance.

Precision Optics specializes in micro prisms from sub-millimeter to 10 mm in complex assemblies. 

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