Micro Assemblies

Size, cost, and performance can mean a go/no-go in product innovation. Precision Optics Corporation has proprietary techniques for micro-optic assemblies—no trade-off required. With the ability to fabricate micro lenses as small as .37 mm and micro prisms as small as 0.10 mm, and a proven track record in delivering micro assemblies at high volume over the length of a program or product lifecycle, Precision Optics can provide complete micro assemblies that ease integration, improve yield, and reduce total system cost.
  • Custom illumination
  • Waveguides
  • LED illumination
  • Coherent fiber bundle
  • Image guides
  • Complex prism assemblies
  • Near IR micro systems

Many optical design and assembly suppliers simply start at 10 mm and work down. There are fundamental differences in working with micro assemblies—Precision Optics offers proprietary techniques in interfacing with the mechanics in a micro assembly to deliver superior performance.

A vertically integrated supply chain partner not only can improve your yields with robust testing at every step, but also ensures system traceability and documentation to meet your compliance requirements.

"Precision Optics has superior optics design and glass/lens manufacturing capability. They’re a superb facility—with expertise in assembly and tuning the optic. Everyone in medical device is looking for a low-cost disposable that provides great visualization. They know what they are doing really well, and we are happy to be working with them."

VP of Engineering

Need a micro assembly for your project?