micro coupler lens assembly

Benefits of POC Endocouplers

  • Ability to image fiber endoscopes 1 mm or smaller
  • Focusable or fixed focus
  • 10x magnification with 10k micro coupler
  • 4.6x magnification with 30k micro coupler
  • Direct visualization by eye or connection to video camera
  • B eye cup or C-mount adapter
  • Standard or custom magnification
  • Custom design available for any application
  • Sterilization methods can be designed to customer specification

Standard & Custom Endocouplers 

Zoom Coupler

zoom coupler

20-37 mm focal length
17.5 mm & 19.5 mm chip to flange

950 Video Coupler

950-video-coupler20-35 mm focal length

30k Micro Coupler


4.6X magnification

10k Micro Coupler

10k-micro-coupler-poci10X magnification

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