We carry select sizes of three primary prisms:


Right-Angle Prism (45-45-90)

Used to reflect image paths or redirect light at 90°, right-angle prisms use a single reflection to invert images. Right-angle prisms can be used in combination for image/beam displacement.


Dove Prism

Shaped from a truncated right-angle prism, dove prisms are used to invert an image.


Penta Prism

A five-sided reflecting prism used to bend image paths or deviate a beam of light by 90° without inverting it as an ordinary right-angle prism or mirror would.

If your project demands a more complex prism, our team at Precision Optics welcomes the challenge of solving your design needs. 

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Standard Right-Angle Prisms

We stock select prism designs to make the order and delivery process fast and efficient. Custom micro prisms are available to suit your requirements.

BK7 Right-Angle Prism
Leg Length and Width Catalog Item Number
0.10 mm 8531-609-1
0.18 mm 8531-607-#
0.25 mm 8531-608-#
0.30 mm 8531-606-#
0.50 mm 8531-600-#
0.70 mm 8531-601-#
1.0 mm 8531-602-#

# -X = No coating
# -1 = Aluminum coating on hypotenuse

Micro Prism Capabilities:

Need a micro prism for your project?